The flood in the Himalayas has always been ferocious and deadly. Cloudburst in Uttarakhand is nothing unusual, moisture-laden clouds imploding causing high intensity rainfall within a specific small area is a common peril in the hill state. But the events of June 16 were unprecedented. Flash floods resulting from extremely intense rainfall swept away mountainsides, villages and towns, thousands of people, animals, agricultural fields, irrigation canals, domestic water sources, dams, roads, bridges, and buildings been destroyed, effectively cutting off large sections of the state from the plains. Uttarakhand’s locals have suffered abundant loss of life, property, out of which loss of livelihoods of people involved in tourism activities, agriculture and livestock was most damaging to the economies of the rural households. No accurate estimates have yet been made on the loss of agriculture and livestock. To meet the immediate need MVDA supported kits for ration, bedding, health & Hygiene, solar lights, maintained of water supply etc.To provide psycho –social needs counselling of families and communities, awareness  on Government schemes and linkages etc.

MVDA intervened through reviving the self employed businesses for villagers hence a need is emerging where the families in these villages require .exploring more traditional sources of livelihoods. Livestock, forest or agriculture based which have lower risk linked. Focused work towards enhancing the capacities of communities and provide support for income enhancing opportunities through existing resources the families have access to. Organized these families into village and apex level institutions for sustaining the whole developmental process to mark Economical & Social Impact after disaster. Promotions of traditional and organic farming practices in project villages lead the reduced utilization of chemicals in farming for sustaining environmental impact.MVDA also regularizes Awareness Generation on climatic change/disaster and disaster  preparedness at in all the programmes.










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    Emergency Response and Preparedness

    Donate to provide emergency survival materials and Rehabilitation support to people affected by natural disasters.

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    Head Office: Village Doni, P. O. Megadhar, Subdivision Ghansali, District Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand 249155

    State Office: Mount Valley Development Association C/o Mr. G.S.Negi , House Number 533, Adarsh Nagar, Lane N. 7 Adarsh Nagar, Near Rewti Nursing Home, Dhrampur 1, District: Dehradun State: Uttarakhand Pincode: 24800

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    Mount Valley Development Association
    Village - Doni,
    Post office - Megadhar,
    Subdivision - Ghansali,
    District - Tehri Garhwal,
    Pin 249155,
    State - Uttarakhand.