Since the beginning, MVDA has focused on improving the quality of life by targeting individual at an early age that is through education. MVDA believes that a community can achieve its socio-economic development only if their children can build a strong foundation in life as an individual. Currently MVDA is focusing on supporting children at the early childcare and education initiatives at aanganbawadis and underpinning education at primary level. In the last 7-8 years MVDA has founded and continuously strengthening 30 Bal panchayats. Now focusing on integration of information technology at the level of primary and secondary education and education through water, sanitation and hygiene. MVDA believes that with transforming global dynamics in education the grass root education system should also change with it. The way forward is amalgamating modern pedagogy with traditional knowledge.

MVDA is dedicated and committed to promoting overall development of a child. Deployment of resources in child care and development, Education and health is considered to be the most appropriate investment in all programmes. The fundamental role and purpose of the organization is to build capacities of children benefiting from strong synergies with programs addressing basic education interventions are one of the major programs. Promoting Quality Education through various learning programs such as Early Learning Programme, Computer Aided Learning Programme etc. Promoting Education for girl child through learning centres for drop out girls and slow learners & sensitization programmes. Campaigning for education rights, Networking with education departments, PRIs, SSA, other NGO/agencies working on education, Promoting cultural values, Empowering SMCs and community based organizations, Arrangement of special study classes, promoting basic Computer Education/ knowledge and life skills .MVDA has established 100 learning centres for more than 2800 dropout, Slow learner and never enrolled girls under the programme name Girls Child Education Programme in four districts of Uttarakhand .To ensure child participation and leadership skill development we are continuously strengthening 20 Bal Panchayat formed at village level. Through the years MVDA have partnered Action Aid International, Room to Read, Himmotthan Society-Tata Trust, and IIMPACT etc. to make efforts in quality education of children.


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Emergency Response and Preparedness

Donate to provide emergency survival materials and Rehabilitation support to people affected by natural disasters.

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Head Office: Village Doni, P. O. Megadhar, Subdivision Ghansali, District Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand 249155

State Office: Mount Valley Development Association C/o Mr. G.S.Negi , House Number 533, Adarsh Nagar, Lane N. 7 Adarsh Nagar, Near Rewti Nursing Home, Dhrampur 1, District: Dehradun State: Uttarakhand Pincode: 24800

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Mount Valley Development Association
Village - Doni,
Post office - Megadhar,
Subdivision - Ghansali,
District - Tehri Garhwal,
Pin 249155,
State - Uttarakhand.