Disable women enjoying happy family life:

Mrs. Premadevi 46 years, lives with her husband and 4 children at her village Dhung. Her husband do wage work in village and Mrs. Premadevi was taking care of cattle rearing and domestic chores. Family was happy with in their limited domestic resources. Unfortunately, Mrs. Premadevi fell down from a tree while she was collecting fodder for animal and lose her one leg. She became lame for whole life. Family went under heavy debt due to her treatment. Her husband remain engaged her care and could not do any labor work. It became difficult for family to arrange two time food for family.

With the support of Action Aid, MVDA have been working in village Dhung for up lifting of poor families. MVDA formed and promoted three SHGs in village Dhung and developed different alternative livelihood like backyard Poultry farm, vegetable growing, fruit preservation and organic farming etc.

Mrs. Premadevi Says "In 2009, MVDA staff was taking meeting of village women on alternative livelihood. Bad condition of my family was shared in meeting. My name was chosen for backyard poultry farm. More over I get loan Rs 10,000.00 from our SHG to clear debit of my family. I get 20 KROILER chicks from MVDA on free of cost with construction support for mini poultry house. I have sold 6 hens after 4 month at the cost Rs.500 each and achieved Rs.. 3000.00. Now I have 14 hens which gives eggs regular. My children are getting eggs in breakfast. I sell remaining eggs in village and nearby market. She says further, Now we are capable to fulfill our basic needs of family . I have cleared our loan which was taken from money lender and my depositing my SHG loan on easy installments. My four children are going school regular. I was discouraged on worse condition of my family and was never thinking to become self dependant family. It became possible due to support of Action Aid and MVDA through Poultry farm and SHG. Today my whole family is happy. I thanks to Action Aid and MVDA for supporting poor and marginalized families of this hilly region of Uttarakhand.


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